Psychedelic Mess

It’s a shame that it took my marriage ending to force me to search deeper within myself. I had to find out why I could never seem to be, or stay, happy in a relationship. Thanks to my wonderful therapy group and after much prayer, I finally had one single question pop into my head: “What if you’re gay? Not just bisexual, but fully, totally, completely gay?”

In that instant, it seemed like everything clicked into place and made perfect sense to me. No wonder I couldn’t be happy with a man! I was forcing myself to be with men, when what I really wanted was to be with a woman!

And do you know what? Since giving myself permission to be who I am and coming out of the closet, I’ve come to realize that I’m actually looking forward to spending some time alone and getting to know myself on a more intimate level.


Lesbian 101: 7 Simple Lessons to Understand the L Word

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josh is the person i want to be…drake is the person i am

Aaron Stanford - Free Four
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Aaron Stanford (Four’s chapters narrator in the Allegiant audiobook) telling Free Four


Chris Labrooy: Auto Aerobics

This is just beautiful, and describes me well hence the name.

This is just beautiful, and describes me well hence the name.

I wish girls would hit on me as much as guys do.


Come on, ladies.

My rude awakening has come
And reality has set in
Now I know
You will never come back again